Our last stop in Asia was Yekaterinburg, the Romanov's city of exile. Because it would be dark when our train passed the marker between Asia and Europe, we took a short bus ride to the boarder for a photo op.
            Dorothy and Me at the Cross Roads of the World

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Astride two Continents - Asia on the Left and Europe on the Right      

At the left is the Kaslinsky cast-iron pavilion, made in 1899 for the World’s Fair in Paris. It won a gold medal. It is said that the latticed construction of the pavilion – its walls decorated with intricate patterns, fantastical dragons, birds, fish and flowers – astounded the Parisian audience, who could not believe that it was all made from cast iron.

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The new Cathedral of All Saints on the blood is built on the place where Nicholas II and his family was murdered in 1918. Originally, there was a house of engineer Ipatyev, the murder took place by Lenin’s order in a basement floor of the house. The original house was demolished in 1975.

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