Our Train had three restaurant cars, a bar car, a club car where the lectures were given, and a shower car. In the evenings, you could see movies in the club car or live music.  Live piano music was featured in the bar car in the evenings. As well as vodka!

I was expecting somewhat primitive conditions, so I was quite surprised when I saw the luxurious gold and maroon decorations of my car.  The cabin had lots of closet space and a wash basin, unlike the other cars.
I Found my beloved Car 8
In my cabin
I learned that when one of these private trains is assembled, the cars (and their crews) come from all over Russia.  It isn't until they see the train that the organizers know for certain what they have.  Car 9 was the only one of its kind on this train.  Since the cabins were deemed too small for two people (all that closet space!) it was assigned to the first nine singles who signed up for the trip.  Luckily, I had not delayed, and signed on as soon as I had heard about the trip.

Other Car's Hallway

Car 8 Hallway

During dinner, the car attendants fold down the seat, converting it to a spacious bed.  During breakfast, they return the cabin to the day configuration show above.



At the push of a button, the attendant arrives with a cup of steaming coffee and treats.


An unexpected luxury

The Coffee arrives
Our Restaurant Car


Here is a (rather poor) recording made between the cars: