Skateboarders seem to be everywhere.  This has got to be the world's largest bust of Lenin, click on the image for a stereo pair.


Activity has returned to the buddhist temple Datsan, after years of neglect during communist rule.


      We were treated to a nice outdoor concert. Click on one of the icons below to hear a sample      


We saw buddhist prayer flags tied to trees at many important spiritual locations throughout the region.

    The day ended with a visit to a village of "Old Believers."  These are people who had refused to accept the reforms to Russian Orthodoxy begun in the 16th century. (I did say OLD believers)  This group were originally from Poland, and had been forced to resettle in Siberia in the 17th century.  While small, the houses are beautifully maintained with colorful carved windows and shutters.  We visited a widow's home, with a garden full of cabbages, of course.  Later we were treated to a feast and a folk concert.  The performers wore traditional dress handed down through generations.